Venlo Greenhouses

We supply and install commercial greenhouses including the Venlo style.

The Venlo greenhouses we offer have been designed, engineered, and proven to withstand the extreme climates of North America, ensuring long term economical operation. The roof components including the gutters are all aluminum and are available in various peak widths.

The steel structure is hot dip galvanized and comes with the option of added powder coating to the colour of your choice. Lateral trusses can be designed up to 24m wide and under gutter trusses are used to accommodate long post spacing requirements. Roof peaks can be designed up to 4.8m wide.

The greenhouse roof and walls are clad according to your operation needs. Ventilation is available in various options allowing up to 50% ventilation. Aesthetically pleasing this structure is designed and engineered to meet your local building code requirements.

  • Engineered to client & code requirements
  • Maximum light transmission
  • Numerous ventilation designs available
  • Synchronizes with other greenhouse systems
  • Common roof peak widths: 3.2m, 3.66m, 4.0m, 4.8m
  • Common post spacing lengths: 3.66m, 4.0m, 4.5m, 5.0m
  • Tempered roof glass up to 1.67m widths
  • diffuse glass
  • treated tempered glass
  • 8mm and 16mm panel cladding
  • insulated panels for roof and walls in various thicknesses depending on needs
  • manual or automatic sliding doors (Gatemaster & Speedroller)
  • double glass on roof or walls

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